HOW YOU CAN HELP! The Activity Group is very proud to team up with Shadow Warriors Project to help raise money and support for the work they are doing everyday! We are offering two easy ways that you can help support Shadow Warriors Project right now!

OPT 1 "Buy a Trauma Kit and donate it to a Shadow Warrior" You purchase a qualifying Activity Group first aid / trauma kit or supplies that will be sent to a Shadow Warrior downrange. We will mail your donated kit or supplies directly to the Shadow Warriors Project team, who will organize and send out the supplies to the appropriate area of need to make sure that Shadow Warriors are equipped.

Web Store Code: Shadow20

OPT 2 "Buy a Trauma Kit for yourself and we will donate 20% of the sale price to Shadow Warrior" You purchase a qualifying Activity Group first aid / trauma kit or supplies and The Activity Group will donate 20% of the purchase price directly to the team at Shadow Warriors Project on your behalf. Donations will go to help Shadow Warrior Project continue their work of helping Shadow Warriors and their families.

Web Store Code: Shadow20

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Activity A260-SWP Individual First Aid Kit Advanced

ACTIVITY A260-SWP (IFAK) MED KIT is the most advanced IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) on the market today and boasts the latest blood stopping technology to save lives.  When the time comes to treat a life threatening injury, make sure you have an ACTIVITY A260-SWP med kit ready to go.

List Price: $213.00
Our Price: $213.00
Activity LowV Ankle Trauma Kit

ACTIVITY LowV Ankle Trauma Kit is the most advanced covert life saving trauma care kit on the market today. Each LowV Kit contains the necessary critical trauma care components to treat injuries resulting in severe bleeding. The LowV was created based on hours of research and wear tests performed by local LEOs and first responders. The LowV Ankle Trauma Kit is a must for anyone who needs to keep a low profile or has little real-estate on their person, for life-saving equipment.

Our Price: $164.27
XGauze photo by The Activity Group RevMedx XGauze - Expanding Trauma Dressing

XGauze can be used to treat severe bleeding, or hemorrhageing wounds when used with a compression dressing.
3.5" x 35" Z-Fold, first of its kind, Expanding Trauma Gauze

Our Price: $49.50
RMT 1.5" Tactical (Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet)

The RMT series tourniquets are the latest generation of high strength compression devices designed to control venous and arterial bleeding.

Our Price: $34.00